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Our group is fantastic, and we always try and fit you in Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. Unfortunately since our group is popular sometimes we have to add people to our waiting list.

The leaders of our Sections are:

Beavers 6-8  Janice Hardwick 01262 229664
Cubs 8-10½  Mike Lupton 07851 262971
Scouts 10½-14  Gary Trowbridge
07931 950267
Group Scout Leader  Role to be filled


The whole 1st Bridlington Group is alive and buzzing with excitement.

  • Our Beavers enjoy a well-planned imaginative programme week after week.
  • Our Cubs are the best mannered group of 8-10 year olds we have had in living memory. We have even been congratulated on how polite they are – that doesn’t always happen.
  • Our Scout Troop is full of well-motivated enthusiastic young people.

We have had to set up “Want to be a Beaver”, “Want to be a Cub”, and “Want to be a Scout” lists. These are reviewed as soon as we get a vacancy.

Contact us if you have a boy or girl who has what it takes – a sense of fun and a willingness to Do their Best. If we have too many children wanting to join, here are the criteria we apply There are other active Scout Groups in Bridlington and Sewerby, and we will refer you to other Groups if we cannot take your child.

Please fill in the following forms where required, and bring them to the group on a Tuesday night, alternatively just call one of the people above for the form:


We meet in the Priory Rooms

If you can find Bridlington Priory, you can find us. If you live in Bridlington this could change your life

Do we have any problems?

Oh we do. We can always find a role for more CRB’d leaders to help us provide fun, challenging activities. You get a really good sense of achievement when you see children developing a sense of self-confidence. It’s pretty good fun taking part as well, you know.

Even if you do not have the time or the stamina to become a leader, there are other ways you can help. It can be pretty demanding on some of our parents to pay for all the outdoor activities on offer. We will never become a “Rich Kids Only” Group, but the money for transport, Camping, Climbing, Canoeing … has to come from somewhere. We have set up an Expedition Fund to help offset some of our costs. If you can help us in any way it will be most appreciated, and you will know that all our resources are put to good use.

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